are semore duncans or EMG generally better for metal hardcore type of stuff? and are dimebuckers any good in comparison to some EMG.
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Which Seymour Duncans? They make a lot of different pickups...
Also, the active EMGs are far better than the HZs.
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duncans do make those actice pick ups...i dunno if theyre any good though...
has anybody tried them out yet?
hz suck imo, but a wylde set (81-85) are amazing.
hz arn't gonna be a whole lot better than any stock pups.
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Well amp makes most differnce, and active EMG's only really shines through a good tube amp.
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depend in what guitar you dont want EMG's in agathis
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On topic, skip the passive EMG's. Go for the active ones if you really use lots of distortion. They can work fine for hardcore stuff.

But I agree, they're best through a nice tube amp and in a guitar that's NOT made of agathis.

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Get Seymour Duncans or actual real active EMGs.

Seymour Duncans will give you a more organic tone that breathes and wanes as you work through the feedback. EMGs have the same tone no matter what you do to the controls and the tone is sort of fakish and weird. Not necessarily bad it just sounds so unnatural. If you want to get a Metallica/Zakk Wylde tone it will do the trick though.
i used to be an emg freak but im convinced that duncans can contend with even emg actives. but thats just my experience with the pickups.
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EMG actives are great, if ur getting the hz...dont get the duncans. Dimebuckers sound great but need a preamp in your system (in my opinion ) for it to be as good as it can be.
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Err. Actually, Emgs, namely the 81 happen to be terrible at palm muting. They dont have much bass in them, so what you get is a trebly wimpy palm mute, not a thick, crunchy and deep one.

Either way. Grab some Duncans, or Dimarzio, or whatever. Passive pickups + Good amp FTW.