I've been using practice amps since I started about 10 months ago, and I want to get a good amp. I don't know much about amps, so I'm asking your opinions. I play metal mostly, but I play lots of everything in general so I'd like some versitility. I want an amp big enough for gigs when the time comes, and good enough for good recording quality. Im looking in the range of under $850.

Also what are the differences in a tube amp and SS?
I would say a Cube 60. Or a good tube amp woul be a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.
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Tube amps sound a lot better, but usually cost more, and are louder. And they use different circuitry. They're the general rules.

For that price range, look for some Peavey XXX's, Ashdown Fallen Angels, some Traynors(for versitility)B52's and there's loads more.

And definately no MG's if you can get some nice valve combos for that price.
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^NO! Definately not that, terrible amps for the price. It'd probably do for a gig, but it'd sound horrendus.

And remember not to go just on wattage and looks and the fact that it's a half stack, don't fall into that trap!
Look into the amps I suggested, great for what you want.

Try a load of them out.
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that's just a cabinet, it only holds the speakers. on top of that you'll need a head. i holds the tubes/transistors for the amp, and generates the sound. it's kind of like the tower to a computer, the monitor is like the speaker cabinet. you can't use one without the other.
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