this is very different to my other peices.
crit for crit as always, please post your thoughts and comments. and help me label this with a genre please!!

piano, acoustic guitar, and metal leads are all improvised on the spot. be nice
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Ahoy there neptuneuk , how are you?
the song is very good though i shall say that non of your songs i've heard so far compare to the first intense song i heard a week ago. you know , the one that i told you reminds me that i play doom or smth. (the voices told me to)
anyway , the melody is great , preety relaxing song , nothing intense to it , just a relaxing melodic song, which is great.
9/10 mf. keep making songs and keep posting them so i can listen to them !

btw i have a new song posted here , if you want , take a look !

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I real like it. The drums are pretty impressive and the piano is pretty rad. I think this song could even go with a light vocal track with some delay. Its pretty atmospheric. One thing to maybe think about is messing around with that opening piano line. It works for awhile but then gets a tad repetitive. But other then that its a pretty good song man. Id really think about throwing on a vocal track. 8/10

Heres my song:
Well first of all, the percussion is too loud. Some nice piano melodies, allthough it sounds a bit mechanical though. I like the guitar in its all simpilicity. The overall atmosphere is cool. This would keep my attention better, if it had more hooks. Good change to heavier stuff. Well, this ain't bad. Keep workin!

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this is really good, though the kick drum is a bit too loud. love that piano melody thingy, was that improv? it's cool, really etherial, moody kidna thing. I like it
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yes, all leads were improv.

thanks for all the comments, they were useful
I actually thought the percussion was the lead in this song and the piano is there for the flavor... know what I mean? It breaks off neatly and I'd like to hear some female vocals on this. It might hit the mood in that way.

It's really good improve work.

I think the end adds dimension

Here's mine:


Hope you enjoy that.
The piano combination makes the song sound very dark, which i think you were going for this sound and i think it sounds nice. Very creative and the second half of the song kept me interested. It was a good listen.

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the piano could have been pushed up in the mix more and the percussion a bit back. and to the piano consider maybe adding a little bit of large-space/long decay reverb to give it some space. i like the sound effects that come in at the first break of the song, very cool sounding. the guitar tone sounds very cool, and has just the right about of reverb. it almost sounds like its in a metal cathedral or something. at that part of the song the leads sound appropriate, simple and effective.

the later leads in the "harder" part of the song aren't clean or impressive...bends and notes are off, and with the change in the song i was expecting something a little more flashy.

overall, pretty good...i especially liked the *edit* FIRST part (just being clear ).
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Pretty cool. I like the part that comes in around 2 minutes. Interesting vibe, definitely something refreshing. The drum for the first half of the song is a bit too loud, though.

The effects in the second half are pretty nice. However, the transition into the metal section isn't too clean, mainly with because rhthym guitar has a different overall sound. The lead over that is sweet, though.

Nice song

Crit for crit?