Does any body know how to play this lick at 2:05?

This is a lick Clapton uses very frequently in his solos. It sound like it is in the basic minor penatonic blues scale, and this song is in the key of E, and I am sure it is movable.

If anyone could tab at a similar version or a short version of that little fast lick at 2:05 that would be great.

Sounds like there are tons of hammer-ons and pull-ofs.

The lick ends at 2:07 so it goes by really fast.
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This really won't be much help, b/c no, I don't know what lick that is. What I do know is that he uses that lick with some regularity and it shows up at a couple of spots in his cover of "Little Wing" that he does with Sheryl Crow
hmmm, it doesnt look too complex, but it does sound pretty fricking sweet

i love how clapton shows that it does sound cool to not sweep pick everything in a solo
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You're probably just gonna have to tab it out. I doubt that will be in the original cocaine solo. Clapton rarely plays a solo the same twice... one of the reasons why he one of the best
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try something like this (excuse the feeble attempt at tabbing- h = hammer on, p = pull-off):

e 12-----------------------------
B ----15p12 ------------------
G --------------14--------------- (with or without a full step bend at 14)
D ---------------------------------

or maybe

e -----------------------------
B ----12 h-15p12 ---------
G ---------------------14----- (with or without a full step bend at 14)
D -----------------------------

if it's at the wrong note, slide the shape up or down the fretboard until you get to the correct pitch. It's a very famous stock blues lick, and sounds awesome. Just play it over and over, fast. You can make slight variations to the rhythm and notes, too. it's the minor pentatonic, and you can throw in the flat 5th (from the blues scale), quarter tone bends on the 4th and 5th, and even the minor third too.

Try it to see if it's right, anyway.

EDIT: fixed the dodgy formatting. oh, and I tabbed it in E, so it should be ok- assuming the song is in E.
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