I'm looking to purchase a new guitar and have narrowed it down to a select few. I was deciding between an Ibanez RG2570E, Jackson SL3 and a DK2M when I finally decided on the Dinky. I really like the specs and the price of the guitar, but I haven't played it. I was hoping you could advise me on whether or not it was the right guitar to choose. I play mainly thrash but want a guitar versatile enough to handle shred/progressive metal. The pickups on the DK2M seem to fit the bill, and I've played EMGs but didn't love their sound so I'm glad this guitar is fitted with Seymour Duncans. If there are any flaws with this guitar, namely regarding the tremelo since I have no knowledge of quality Floyd Rose tremelos, please let me know. I have $700 right now in case anyone wonders. Here's a link to the DK2M's specs:

My friend has the DK2 and its an awesome guitar, i dont think there is a big difference, besides color and fretboard wood. I was planning on getting this guitar though.