So i went to go buy something in the 800-1000 range, and i walked out of the store with the gibson songwriter deluxe and 6 months to pay for it lol


Check this baby out, my next mp3, with this thing should a billion times better.
Any serious guitarists out there looking for pro equipment give this baby a chance compared to the Taylors, its doing very well. Its one of Gibson's best acoustics.
And the sound is orgasmic, oh my god, Just hitting one chord is so vibrant and beautiful, oh god.
Next time your in a music store, ask to try one!!!!!
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Dang man that's really nice... I still need to get my hands on a nice steel-string, but I'm very stingy about how I spend my money lol
My God, it's full of stars!
Congrats, man, those are my favorite acoustics and I totally envy you for getting one.
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I was playing that in guitar center today, i want it
its nice haha i like the pick guard its thick (insert immature joke here)

damn you.

Love the title and the guitar it looks very nice
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oh brilliant..ive learnt something new thanks man!