Hey Everyone

I have a chance to see Dickey Betts & The Great Southern this Wensday at my local bluesfest.

The only problem is their showtime conflicts with one of my prior engagements (a fairly important one) so i'm wondering if i should bother to move the appointment to go see them.

If anyone has seen any of their shows please let me know how they were. I'd like to know how blues-oriented they are. What their style is etc.

Thanks in advance for all help.

I'm assuming that they're a great band, because Dickey Betts is a great songwriter.

Chances are that they'll play some stuff from The Allman Brothers Band that was written by Dickey (In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, Jessica, Les Brers in a Minor, Revival, etc.), plus other stuff.

Dickey's style ranges from blues to jazz to country, and in other places in between. While I have personally never seen Great Southern, I've watched a video of them on YouTube, and they look fairly decent.

I'd choose a concert over almost any other appointment, but I'm sure that the band would come around again, so if your appointment is extremely important, just wait for the next time the band is in town.
My friend saw them last year and he said it was incredible. Hes coming back to a venue near where I live but its 21+.

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I saw him in May. You get more of a feel for how distinct his writing is. He actually uses a bit of jazz phrasing. Bassist is one of the uber multi instrumentalists and sometimes his son takes rythm and lead duties. One of the better concerts around.
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Alrighty well i think i'll move the appointment and check them out.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!