Recently the wires for my output jack on my warlock became twisted and broke off inside. my guitar teacher said this was becuase i didnt tighten the jack. Now when i try to play with a amp all i get is a buzzing noise. I sautered the wires but that didnt fix the problem. i was just wondering anybody got any ideas on how to fix the problem?
mmmh then the wires must be re-attached incorrectly...or your volume knob isn't turned up :p

or maybe you accidently damaged something else in the guitar

I'd take it to a shop...
You've probably soldered it wrong, or the wire connection has broken elsewhere.
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wel... did you even do what your teacher said and tighten the jack in the first place...?
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that happened to me but what you need to do is take the wires off again, and then re solder them making sure none of the little threads are touching anything.
matt next time that jack gets loose, make sure u remove the plate and hold both inside and the outside of the jack as u tighten that nut. or ull break off those wires again.

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