ok heres the deal ive been playing guitar for 2 and a half years and I want buy a new guitar. i mostly like rock and punk im not sure what guitar to look into but for sum reason the only guitar thats catches my eye is a gibson sg, plz give me some help and tell me sum ideas what to do.

If you like the SG try a few out. go to a guitar shop and see what they have look at prices etc.

Persinally i don't like the SG's cos of the bridge position but noone can tell you what guitar to get it's a taste thing. Otherwise every guitarist would have the same guitar
for two and a half years, dont look at anything under $700, most of it is just absolute crap. im not a fan of sg's, or les pauls...i would recommend a an ibanez, or an ESP, but with those you gotta be carefull what model you getting. a lot of it isnt that great. if you have a lot of money, try for a prs....those have amazing craftsmanship.
but this is all just myg opinion. your gonna have to go with what you like, and whats best suited to what you play. above all else, look at feel. looks, and electronics and all that, is meaningless when places beside how it feels. you have to love playing it.
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well for playing 2 1/2 years. a gibson is a great way to go. if you like the SG go to your local guitar shop or guitar center and try out a few. also try the les pauls see which ones feel is better for you and go from there
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anyway a sg is a greatway to go, dont take people sh*t about the heavy necks, i like them fine, oh and try a washburn idol, they're almost exactly like a sg (not a copy)
and you can't go wrong with les pauls, as mentioned above, but the upper fret access is a little iffy, if u cant afford a gibson, try an epiphone elitist les paul, dont freak out "i dont want a copy!" its a gibson company
why are you worrying about a guitar right now then?
you need an amp
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