I find myself playing my D10 out a lot for people ("Oh wow, you play guitar, you have to play some songs", you know the drill) and I was wondering if you guys know some more deeper voiced acoustic stuff I could sing. I do a lot of country standards, Johnny and Waylon, but my repetoire stills lacks more bassie (my new word) songs. I can sing the high ones, but there's no feeling like dropping into that lower regiment.

So, what do you say, can you help the UG Forum newbie out?
try anything from the alice in chains unplugged cd/dvd. it is all tuned half step down or open c and half step down.... hence dark and bassy sounding. also try bartender by dave matthews... it's in drop d and is also pretty bassy.

Yeah, Johnny is a Bass Baritone, but you don't get much lower in popular music.

I can only hit a C anyways.

Edit: Not bad for 15 though. I sang tenor until this year.
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try some mark lanegan, he's a pretty low baritone.
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you can try Carmelita by Warren Zevon, that song sounds pretty damn good sung low.
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Try Dave Matthews/John Mayer/any raspy-ish singer songwriter. As a fellow bass I find those artist fairly easy to sing with. (I can even stay on key some times
Thanks to everyone who posted. I'll have to give these tunes a look. I figure I don't have to long before my high range disappears (G4, a bit uncomfortable though), so I want to be set for life with Bass songs.

Thanks again.