I've had a thread about this, but, everybody replied with songs that were too hard for me.
Paranoid, I could play, and Iron Man I could play until the solo.
It got too fast.

The other songs basically confused me except for I Love Rock and Roll

So, I'm open for any type of song, as long as it has a moderately easy lead guitar part.

It has to be a real song, not some really really easy riff or something.
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Californication - Chilis. Easy song, easy solo.

Most chili's solos are easy - under the bridge intro sounds nice
can play californication and smells like teen spirit..
name some songs by the shadows lommi is a god..
And, yeah, I started out playing blink 182 stuff and green day stuff, that's why i'm trying to learn other things
try crazy train by ozzy. or into the void by black sabbath. or sweet child o mine by guns n roses. or hell hy not the star spangled banner. or lords of destruction by Black label society
quite funny, i can play star spangled banner.
isn't sweet child o' mine sorta hard though?
sweet child o mine isnt that hard once you get used to the semi-chord thing, most of the song is repeating variations of it :p the earlier lead parts are nice and relatively easy too, probably good practice for bending steadily

the solo ends kinda hard, but you don't have to learn the shred parts

^and err...I recommend sweet child o mine too :p
Beast and the Harlot-A7X ya thats a really fun part
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raining blood by slayer
just learn how to play it and it will become veeeeeeeeeeery eeezy
im a finger player

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It's obvious that those songs were illegally downloaded, so Metallica wanted him to "ride the lightning," if you get my meaning.:quote:
can't repeat - the offspring

one of their slower and insanely simple songs.
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i do challenge myself, but some of the songs that are supposed to be easy seem so hard
holy 8398325
you know how fast raining blood is metallaro

i'm asking for some easier stuff, since i'm just starting..
Dont be too discouraged, I guess most of the posts are referring not to the whole song but just the signature parts. For example the intro to raining blood would be a good thing to have a go at, but the rhythm of the verses would be way too fast for a beginner. My suggestion is to learn the pentatonic scale and then have a go at some solos using it. Eg. Nothing Else Matters, Pearl Jam's Alive, the intro to Sweet Child of mine. You dont need to get everything perfect, just get a feel for it and keep practising.

If you are only in your first month or so, or havent really learnt many songs System of a Down's Ariels is great for learning some basic heavy rhythm . It was the first whole song I learnt, some good old de-tuned (dont worry about tuning down to c, just play it in drop d) fun that has barred powerchords, palm muting, octaves and the clean intro part helped me get used to arching my fingers.
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For those Black Sabbath solos, just take your time with them. When you're beginning to solo (which I assume you are) you moight get discouraged with them, but hey, you can't learn them if you give up on 'em!
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Californication - Chilis. Easy song, easy solo.

i like this guys style in music! haha (if you didnt get it look at his icon and my user name)

i would just say learn some sublime thats some easy stuff
one of the first songs i learned back in the day was santeria

and learn some incubus!
thanks thanks.
Boristheb thanks for the info on what they ment/

ha,, i'm in my 7th or 8th month though, that's the worst part of it