so im gonna buy an AC30 but i have some questions

Whats the difference between the 1x12 and 2x12? (other than headroom and weight....and the number of speakers obviously)

i can get the 1x12 for $100 less..should i go with that?

i'm not worried about not enough power or headroom with the 1x12 so would that be better so i can get it to break up faster?

Which is a better long term investment?

Do they sound the same?
if you're giging, 2x12, if not the 1x12 will be fine.
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AC30's are traditionally 2x12. I highly reccomend the 2x12. Its will sound much fully. And buy a stand for it.
For only $100 difference, definitely get the 2x12. In the uk, there's like a $550 difference... and it's a British amp!! *Cries*
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Nothing keeps you from running an extension cab off for stereo or fuller tone. I have a 50w tube 1x12 that sounds great, once I hook up the 2x12 ext cab it's very loud and full.
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