What is the cheapest mia guitar that is new?
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^ doesnt matter I just want to know what the cheapest american made guitar is
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You can get a Carvin TL60, base model, for $700, great guitar. Their Bolt T is less than that I think. Excellent workmanship, wonderful necks, made in Cali.
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Used USA Strat can be had for ~750ish, or lower depending on what it comes with.

Used market pwns people.
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Fender Highway One, those are MIA right?

They're the same parts as MIM Fenders, just assembled in the USA so they can put the Made in USA label on them and sell them for more money. Then they spray them with a satin finish, which isn't flattering, IMO.
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I guess one of the cheaper ones would be the Gibson Les Paul vintage.$900.00dollars.
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Gibson Melody Maker at $530.

Although it's a POS.

If you're looking at getting a new guitar, don't limit yourself to just USA made guitars. A lot of the time Japanese produced guitars are actually better.
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Why you want new? Youc an get MIA kramers and peaveys from the 80s on ebay for like 200$. Back when guitars were made well, and built for real rock and shred. The good times.
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