Hi, I'm a complete noob at pedals. I hooked up my Vox V847 Wah pedal to my amp and its not working!!! There could be a few reasons:

A) One cord is a "coiled" cord (but still a guitar cable), not the typical yorkville thick one that everyone has.

B) The Pedal could be broken (however the sound still goes through the pedal and comes out the amp, just no wah sound)

C) I don't know how to turn it on (I dont have a manual, I got this off ebay)

It definetly is not the battery, because I replaced it with a new one myself. How do I get this thing to work?
push down hard untill you hear a click. then it's on.
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To activate it you click it down in the toe position.

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make sure that the cable goes from amp to left input of pedal marked amplifier, and cable from right of pedal, marked instrument, goes to your guitar.
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