im looking to buy a small simple recorder just to take around me but i havent had much experience with any of the ones im looking into

ive heard good things about the line 6 guitar port, the m-audio black box, and the tascam recorder thats blue and costs around 350.00 ( dont kno the name)

i know price wise line 6<black box< tascam but i dont kno which ones works better

can anybody help me on which one to buy and if i should spend the extra couple hundred bucks for the black box or the tascam

thanks in advance
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I have the GuitarPort, but I wish I could take it around. It stays hooked to the computer so you cant take it with you. The others, you cant take to band practice, hook to the amp and stuff. I would get the Black Box. It looks awsome with recording, effects, drum beats, etc... I wish I bought that instead of the GuitarPort, but the GuitarPort is good for its price.