I have short fingers and I'm getting frustrated about making chords. I can't get my fingers to stretch properly. But I am now ditching the acoustic and learning on the electric since the fret board is smaller.


Index Finger (#1) - 7.1 cm
Middle Finger (#2) - 7.6 cm
Ring Finger (#3) - 7 cm
Baby Finger (#4) - 5.4 cm
My hand span, from thumb to pinky, measures about 9 1/2-9 3/4" across.
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I have fairly small fingers, so I had some trouble as well. Play Crash by DMB, it's 3 simple chords, but you have to stretch your hands out for it pretty good.
my fret hand is bigger than my pick hand
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Dude, don't give up. My finger measurements are

Pointer=7.6 cm
Middle=8.1 cm
Ring=8.5 cm
Pinky=7.0 cm

When I first tried acoustic, I couldn't make chords either, so I took a break from acoustic and picked up bass. A basses frets are larger which makes you stretch more, but you don't have to worry about using more than one finger at a time. After I played bass for a few months, I tried acoustic again. Guess what? I can make chords now. Plus I know to instruments. Try bass for a while, then pick up acoustic again.

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Alright mine are:

Index: 8cm
Middle: 8.5cm
Ring: 7.5cm
Pinky: 6cm

I have no problems...but i thought MY fingers were small!! Just like do stretching excercises or something -- that'll help.
Pinky - 7.9cm
Ring - 9.9cm
Middle - 10.9cm
Index - 9cm

Measured from the knuckle right where it bends. I kind of have the opposite problem - my guitar's neck small, it's sort of like holding a pencil. My fretting hand's thumb gets cold from lack of circulation and cramps up.
I hear ya dude. I've just been playing for 3 days, and I can tell my small fingers put me at a disadvantage.

1 - 7.5cm
2 - 8.2cm
3 - 7.2cm
4 - 6.0cm

Plus they're pretty stodgy, so it's tough to get them to come down straight on some strings without touching the others.
First, I'm a total n00b, I've had my guitar like two weeks.


Span, tip of thumb to tip of pinky, 25.3

My problem is that even though I'm in no way fat, I have a hard time getting fingers on the same fret for adjoining strings properly (i.e. without a buzz when strummed because I've got the string held down too far off the fret).

My secondary problem is that with larger hands it is way more comfortable to have the base of my thumb on the back of the next compared to the having the end of the thumb on the neck. I'm starting guitar lessons Thursday, so I'll see what her recommendation is.
I have a similar problem. I don't like Ibanez necks or ones that are too thin because I have big hands. I prefer the larger C shapes, like on the SRV Strat or the vintage Teles. V necks are kind of annoying, too, unless you wrap your thumb around all the time.
Hi, I'm Peter
Index Finger (#1) - 6.7 cm
Middle Finger (#2) - 7.4 cm
Ring Finger (#3) - 6.6 cm
Baby Finger (#4) - 5.3 cm

Tip of thumb to Pinky - 18.5cm

So..my hands are slightly smaller than yours and I play acoustic, electric and bass, hurt like hell for a bit but my hands got used to it, really no difference what size your hands are I guess. Remember that up until learning the guitar your hand didn't have to do anything like going into the shapes needed for guitar.
index: 7.5 cm
middle: 8.2 cm
ring: 7.6 cm
pinky: 6.4 cm

tip of thumb to pinky: my measuring-thingy is only 20 cm and its bigger then that :P
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That's where I measured from based on that pic.
Damn, don't give up just because of that. Mine are:

Index: 6.8cm
Middle: 7.5cm
Ring: 6.6cm
Pinkie: 5cm

Keep at it and eventually you will get there.
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Index: 6.4 cm
Middle: 7.1 cm
Ring: 6.4 cm
Pinky: 5.2 cm

Thumb to Pinky Span: 21 cm

So, my hands are pretty small. Certain chord like Cmaj are a tough stretch. Frankly, the hand cramps (I've been several months) are getting old, so I too am planning to switch an electric. In fact, I'm planning on a Les Paul due in part to the shorter scale.
Handspan is 25cm.

Index: 8cm
Middle: 9cm
Ring: 8cm
Little: 7cm

I have some difficulty holding certain chords, but that's more due to the fact that guitar isn't my first instrument. Helps a lot with barre chords, though.
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isnt that a little personal? lol thumb to pinky is 24.13 cm or 9 and a half inches lol altho im only 13 so it could get longer XD god that sounded wrong
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