I bought my Triple X Super 40 EFX Combo like in January and recently, it sounds like the distortion on it has lost it's gain. My gain used to be on 4 for metal but now I have to push it to 6 to have a decent gain.

My amp uses:
3 - 12ax7 pre amp tubes
2 - 6l6gv power amp tubes

Is this the time to change the tubes? Any suggestions for tubes?
Electroharmonix for the 12AX7s... Lot of the metal guys like JJs for 6L6s.
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First of all how often do you change your strings? those could be a factor rather than the tubes. Distortion(in this amp) mostly comes from the preamp, and 12ax7 last very long, so changing the tubes will help but is not practical.
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So I change them all?

Start with just the power tubes.
The prices I gave you were for a complete retube.