I was wondering if anyone knew of any good unaccompanied jazz or bossa nova pieces that had powertab files on the UG. Or like chord melody type pieces.
Look for The One Note Samba. It's kinda plain, but if you play with the picking a little (Bossa Nova rhythm works really well with that song, which is why I'm suggesting it) it actually sounds pretty sweet unaccompanied.
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I love One Note Samba!!

And I can hear it picked solo...it would sound cool.
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Lenny Breau often had a backing band which realy added nothing, but he often performed alone. I doubt there's and tabs of his on this site... or any site.
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I have a single guitar arrangement for Charles Mingus's Goodbye Porkpie Hat tabbed out, which covers the melody, bass notes and chords. I found the tab on some other site and slightly improved a few parts. There's a powertab for that song on UG but i don't know if it's the same one i'm talking about (i can't check right now). It's pretty hard to play though.

That's the tab i mean, it's very well done. But as you see, it suddenly drops an octave in the 9th bar. I changed that so it sounds more like the original. If you want, i'll post the edited version when i get home.
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"Tears" by Django Reindhart. I've been playing this one a lot recently. No PowerTab, but I'd still recommend it.