The SmartLight Guitar.
Remember these things?

They were the guitars made in the 90's that had LEDs in the fretboard that lit-up chords and scales as an educational feature.

Well, I just came across a 100% unused one in a relative's basement and I bought it from them for $100 (the tweed case it was in was worth the money alone).

Does anybody know anything about these guitars? Did I find a gem or a lump of coal?
I?m no expert but it sounds and feels like an alright guitar.

From what I can tell this model (the 30-C) was the top in the line (ash body, maple top, ivory binding, gold hardware including gotoh tuners. It's got three pickups: 2 Seymour Duncan Little 59'r pickups and one Piezo pickup (under the saddle). It?s got a great sunburst finish.

Should I hang onto it as a practice guitar (I don?t intend to use the lights) or try to sell it and put the money towards a new guitar (which I?m in need of)?
Would I get much cash for it?
A friend seems to think they?ve become collector?s items ? any truth to this?

Unless you are in desperate need of cash, I would keep it. Old (older) stuff like that is cool to have.
Beautiful guitar. Hold on to it, might be worth a lot of money someday.

Who signed that guitar?
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its like those fret lite guitars that i always c ads for in guitar1 ive never seen one like that one though
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Wow, thats a beautiful guitar.
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yeh like said before hold onto that guitar. do the leds still work? and it can still function like a normal electric right?
The image attached is actually just one I found on the net, but even the case is identical.
The LEDs still work (it has to be attached to a special box via another cable) and it functions well as a regular guitar.
It has two output jacks, one for the humbuckers and one for the piezo, which is necessary to use when running the lights since they cause noise interference in the regular pickups.

I'm thinking about replacing the neck and fretboard with a regular fender setup. If I'm not going to use the lights it might be worth upgrading the guitar with a "regular" neck.
Currently, the LED hardware adds quite a bit of weight and requires a slightly thicker neck.
Thoughts? How costly/difficult would this be?
quite costly from a luthier to get one handmade to suit the neck pocket and get the correct scale length. though if you want to you can i would find the need to
That looks SSWWEEETTTT hang on to it. For one hundred dollars that's a steal.
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Its worthless. As a favor, I'll take it off your hands for $200.
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What a generous offer. Throw in the Les Paul and you've got yourself a deal.
I have a smartlight and I have lost the serial number registration code for the software, and can't make it work! the company no longer supports the old guitar. Do you (or does anybody?) have the software, or a valid serial number for it?

I realize the last post was over 5 years but I too have the Smartlight guitar with
Guitar Magic 2 software and lost the serial and registration. I found a way around that though and if I can help PM me and I will get back to you.
Yeah, at five years old, you're just necrobumping. You could have just PM'd him/her.