This is me jamming over a jam track I downloaded. If you guys wouldn't mind telling me what you think. It's not perfect, but I'm impressed with myself that I made my first blues jam track and it came out like it did. So please, just give me advice or w/e you feel like saying

"Blues Jam" <-- click that when you get to the site.

Feel free to crit any of the other songs on their if you feel like it
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Hit the notes like you mean it, not like you MIGHT mean it. Keep notes sustaining longer.
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1) Where did you get that bt from, and what's it called? I've heard it around before.

2) For your first blues jam that was pretty good. I don't know what scales and modes you were mixing together but some of them just didn't sound right together. Try to repeat less in the beginning . And try and hold some of your notes a little longer, you were trying to pull off the stop start thing and it would've worked if you would've known when to sustain and when not to, vibrato helps. Check out my two jams for some examples (which mind you aren't the best examples, as they were done quickly.)
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ya, i notice that u seem hesitant about playin what u were, kinda thinkin 'should i be playin this' as u were playin it...i also feel there needs to be more bends, and more powerful notes. i jus didnt feel the emotion behind and thats what the blues is about.
Well pretty good playing.....I got nothing to crit. It's a good song. So what do you want? Good job man!

By the way: thanks for your crit!!
im sayin bro kick ass jam nothing wrong with that.

the bends and feeling all these cats are talkin about comes with time, no matter how much you try now it takes a while to incorporate it into your playing style. you'll get it keep playin.