hey everyone I know everyone has their own styles, their own opinions their own likes / dislikes etc but I just wanted to know what the general view on this guitar is for metal.

Schecter Black Jack 006 w/ JB "59's"

CONSTRUCTION/SCALE: Set-neck w/ Ultra Access / 25.5?
BODY: Mahogany
FRETS: 24 X-Jumbo
INLAYS: Black Pearl Dots
PICKUPS: Seymour Duncan JB / ?59
BRIDGE: TonePros TOM w/ Thru-body
BINDING: Multi-Ply
TUNERS: Grover
HARDWARE: Black Chrome
COLOR: Gloss Black (BLK)


Has anyone played one of these before?

Either that or an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Seymore Duncan JB40's ...

I cant decide arhhhh!
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No, but you can make your guitar metal for cheap by getting some EMG Pup's.
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yeah, schecter makes some good guitars, i got an omen 6 and it stands up pretty well, for my krappy amp. im getting a hellraiser soon though, and like zekk^ said, they come with active emg's for some pretty crunchin metal sound, too bad it only costs about 700 bucks
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Ah yeah I cant tho because my electric is a Variax so I need to buy a real guitar.
Buy a guitar with a good body wood, neck, and tremolo, for cheap and put EMG's in it, or get a hellraiser. Those are bitchin'.
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ESP LTD has some nice choices with EMG's in it, I would go with them, great for the price IMO

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I have a C1 Blackjack, I'd say it's aimed more for classic and hard rock, the 59 does cleans well and has less output, the JB is ok, with a pole piece adjustment it can be better, but still is just a decent pickup for all genres but doesn't do anything particularly well. The guitar itself is awesome, but if you're looking for a metal guitar, upgrade the pups to EMG's. I'm upgrading the JB/59 combo to an EMG 81/60 combo, but make sure you have a good tube amp as well.
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I think ESP Ltd has the best budget metal guitars. They have nice hardware to start with and feel brilliant.
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^ I dont think so dude.... Most ltds in the range of up to 500$ in some cases have agathis bodies, and their trems are bad.... Schecters a much better buy with REAL EMGS and a OFR.
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Appreciate the advice guys I think ill go with the Schecter Black Jack 006 and maybe for pickups get an EMG 81 and an EMG 60
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^ That sounds like a good idea, what amp do you have though?

Marshall MG 50DFX... (yes.. yes..)

I want to upgrade that as well but guitar first..

Oh yeah I also have a Line 6 POD XT
actually its usually better to upgrade amp before guitar. but if you insist on it then do it. btw how does the line 6 sound