I have seen some finger Exercises but they where just for speed. I have a huge hand but I can't get my third and fourth finger to stretch out to play songs such as. AC/DC's highway to hell and others

I have to put my 3rd and 4th finger on A & D strings first then my 1st finger on the E. I know I can barr it but my pinky finger is very weak. I've read somewhere that the webbing in your hand will stretch out allowing your fingers to move more freely. So is there a hand stretching Exercise or do I keep stretching them as far apart as I can and keep practicing?
Its preference, most people would use their 3 and 4 fingers, so do i. Probably better for you anyways, because that type of fingering would help get you use to some differnet type of soloing stuff.
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you just have to practice. and you're playing highway to hell wrong.
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Try the rhythm for J.J. Cale's 'Call Me the Breeze'. Try doing chords like this -


I have enormous ****ing hands, so I can get a fret range from the first fret to the eighth without moving my hand. In your face, small-handed weaklings.
Try warming your fingers up before you start playing, or just mess around before trying to play other people's songs
a good exercise that i like is just playing a G major scale straight up and down, and in different patterns.


and this


also try the last one with strign skipping like play the lik on the E then the D then the A then the G, etc.

those help me with my speed and stretching. i also like to warmup with the song "rose of sharyn" by killswitch engage. its got some good stretchingstuff in it. hope i helped man.
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how long have you been playin?

I have been reading and studying for about five months I've played very little. The only thing I can play is happy birthday and stuff like that.
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I have enormous ****ing hands, so I can get a fret range from the first fret to the eighth without moving my hand. In your face, small-handed weaklings.

I can get 1 to 6/7 on the low E
As for exercises I just play notes that are far away from each other untill i get used to it and play it 1 more fret further.
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