The past weeks I've been looking for a new, possibly permanent guitar and I think I have found the perfect guitar for me. The Fender Stratocaster. It's been my dream guitar for quite awhile. I've been looking everywhere for the right Strat.

I have noticed that there are strats that are Mexican made stratocasters and American Stratocasters. My questions is why is there a huge price gap between the mexican and american ones? Tell me everything I need to know and the differences.

Am I better off with the Mexico or US?
The American's are made of better quality alder, better electronics, better build quality etc. If you can afford the American go for it, but by no means is the MIM a bad guitar. You should PM Jenny and ask her, I think she has an American and a Mexican.
how long have u been playing?

when u take apart a mex made strat u can see the wires are a little thinner, there is less shielding, different feel on the finish.

for me, the biggest difference was the neck feel.

i guess to counter that, they upgraded the frets on the new mex mades.
also, if u get above the standard, u can get a mex made with upgraded pickups. upgraded bridge, different finishes, different shaped necks.

look in the $500-600 range.
check out the classic strat series, the mex players deluxe, and the anniversary strat.

there's a lot more out there to love.

my mex made is over 10 yrs old now. i love it to death.
my new mia 62 player deluxe is also great. both were great values.
go out try as many as u can and know that u can always upgrade pickups, and electronics later.

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