I downloaded guirat pro 5 from limewire (someone said you can do it in amother thread) and when i downloaded it and ran the software it asked for the "USER I.D." and the "Password" found in the box that the software came in (which i dont have because i downloaded it) or it was e-mailed to you but i didnt give an e-mail address to mail to if you no anything about this plz tell me
you need to find a keygen is all im gunnaa say
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u should hav downlaoded one that came with a keygen most of them do
Spend the f*cking money you cheap bastards.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
Buy it. I bought mine and its worth it.

Oh and BTW, the people are getting sued for like 150,000$ per download on thoseshareware programs, especially limewire and kazzaa.... so....
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