Ok i just completely rewired my epi les paul for the first time, and i had no idea what i was doing. but anyways. everything is working except when i change to treble. sound comes through but there is very little volume. there isn't any hum or buzzing just low volume. very low. as i said i just rewired everything and had no idea what i was doing so i guess it could be anything. I followed the schimatics on the seymour duncan page. http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/schematics/2h_2v_2t_3w.html

Any help would be great
cold solder joint on the hot or ground, resolder both of those and make sure there's good contact with the tabs and the pot itself.
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Les Pauls should have independent volumes, swap the input and output over on each volume. Basically swap the wire from the pickup and the wire from the switch, over. So the pickup's signal goes into the middle terminal, and the other one goes to the switch. Also move the wires from the tones to the middle terminals too. Try that. Might not be the problem, but it's better like that anyway.
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What is cold solder?

cold solder joint is when you improperly solder a connection and it becomes weak, and doesn't conduct very well either.

I've had your exact problem on many guitars, and redoing the soldering job fixed it right up.
Ibanez -> Peavey -> Eardrums

Apparently I'm on some list of people to listen to..?
ok i have just resoldered everything and its still doing the same thing. any other ideas?

thanks a lot for the help you have already given
how hot did you let your volume pot get because maby you damaged it...but you should try re-heating\melting all of your solder, make sure your solder runs alot so you know it is hot enough.. hope that helps
I guess tomorrow i will try a differen't pot.

thanks again everybody
OK i have replaced both the tone pot and the volume pots so its obviously not that. so its either the toggle or the humbuckers. what does everybody thank?
OK i got it working. it was the toggle switch. one of the connectors inside of it was bent a little so it wasn't really touching it. I just bent it in a little more and it works great.

Thanks for everybodys help.

P.S. I know think with a in my previous post. Im not that stupid lol.
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