Hi all,
For some time I've had a Godin LG SP90 next on my 'guitar shopping list'... a wonderful guitar for a sweet price. However I've noticed the similarly priced PRS SE Soapbar (II - ie. dual cutaway standard PRS bodyshape)... unfortunately I haven't been able to lay my hands on one yet, but would like to hear people's comments on both guitars. Harmony Central pegs these two very closely, which is encouraging.

I play lots of genres but for this guitar I want something fairly mellow - bluey rock, not metal, and something adept at soloing, perhaps more so than my Tele. Something certainly hotter and darker, hence the P90s.

In my mind thus far (obviously just going on specs and other reviews:

Pickups - Godins are Seymour Duncans, PRSs are ... PRS designed?

Body - both mahogany though the maple top version of the PRS is very, very lovely.. bit more bling but I quite like the LG's understated looks. In terms of visuals the PRS probably has it though not by much - LG body is very comfortable and a bit unique.

Neck - PRS is a set neck but with their awful heel... Godin is a bolt on but with a lovely heel... one for the LG methinks there. Godin is quite a flat radius, Gibson scale, 24 frets... PRS 25" scale, 22 frets... can't find info on the radius.

Anyone care to add their two cents?
I'm very unimpressed by the PRS SE series. They feel pretty cheaply built and almost toylike.

Godin guitars are freakin' sexy .
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>> I'm very unimpressed by the PRS SE series.

That's what I'm starting to hear... unfortunately my local store can't/won't get in PRSs anymore unless it is an order, so the Godin might have it.

Anyone else?