ik my name implies that i play bass, but i dont i play electric guitar, i used to play bass, but i dont anymore. and I'm decent on guitar, i can play some good stuff. I noticed when I get playing some fast stuff, i feel like im spinning out of control and miss frets and all, i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice.
the usual, but most helpful advice there is out there:


if you cant play someting fast, play it slow, and build it up faster. play with a metronome! and speed it up each time you think you can play faster.
I slow down almost everything at first, even if it isn't too difficult. It just helps me to get my fingers used to the motions, and then bring it up to speed.
aight, ill try it out, sounds liek s good idea to me. thanks for the help
yeah Defininatly slow down. This is the order in which how every one learns on guitar:

1: Memorize what ur playing
2: Learn the tabs or sheet music on guitar slowly so that you can memorize the order and time you play

3: practice it as slow as u can so you can get each note down flawlessly
4: If you use a metronome, then slowly increase the speed and still make your playing flawlessly

practicing precision is the only way to get faster.
meow :3