ok, so im looking for a pedal to mostly give my clean channel a bit of extra depth. i was thinking something along the lines of chorus, flanger, or phaser. what im looking for is something that adds that little bit of sublty to the sound to add that little extra, but then can also get pretty whacked out for when i want to do some of my crazier stuff. for this reason im leaning towards the flanger or phaser. i come to you guys because i know people in this forum have a much better knowledge of pedals than i do.

most of my experience with these effects comes from messing round with them in FL. like i plug my guitar into my computer then use FL as a processer and computer speakers as my amp. so really i havent used tried many of these pedals, just know what the effects sound like and what they can do.

um, so you are probably sitting there getting ready to type something along the lines of: 'dude, whats your budget, your style, and your current set up?' im gonna save you the time (hopefully). i play more mellow stuff, like some lighter classic rock and mellow stuff, as well as a lot of RHCP style things. ive had people say that songs i write often sound like californiacation era RHCP. well, i play other styles, but this pedal is mostly for that kinda thing. current amp is a peavey classic 30, and occasionally a crate gx30r when i need to be quiet. guitar is a prs tremonti se and i have a squire fat strat i rarely use. i also use a keeley modded tubescreamer for a boost/drive for solos. budget is somewhere around $100-120, but i have money so dont be afraid to go over that as long as it isnt extravagent.

so yeah, any advice, insight, or recomendations are greatly apprecaiated. and dont worry, ill be trying these out before i buy but i just wanted to get a bit of knowledge before i start trying everything. thanks
id say a small clone would work. chorus pedals are very useful and a lot of fun.
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for clean stuff????

honestly the 2 things i use the most with cleanish music, which arent REALLY effects, but mnaybe it will help


and good ole wah

a very subtle bit of compressoin, tremolo and chorus. It will really fatten it up.
would someone mind explaining why tremolo would be good? i mean it sounds kinda cool but can it get subtle so it just adds a bit without really being overpowering like in the clips ive heard? its just one effect i have no experience with whatsoever so i dont really know much about it. also, what would be some good tremolo pedals to try out? im probably gonna try out a few things within the next day or two so knowing what to look for would be helpful.
tremolo (when used in context) is awesome for anything from country to pink-floyd type stuff and esp blues. its not something you can explain why it sounds good, try one out or listen for it in songs and judge for yourself i guess

as far as compression goes, i love it for anything.. really makes single coils, and even nicely voiced humbuckers (i have a gibson sg standard, and a strat with gibson 58 in the bridge) very very snappy and crisp. tightens up the overall sound alot.. great for funk/jazz/blues... country too lol