Are the Behringer good.? Can you tell me something that is good for a beginner something Not exspensive but not cheap. Something that will last me a while to learn and mess around with. I like emo,punk.rock music.
Behringer's are fine for beginners, but you might enjoy it more if you have a better quality guitar.

I would check out www.rondomusic.net for some ideas as to what you might be interested in.

What's your budget and are you planning on purchasing an amp with this?
I really don't know I just don't want to have something to exspensive because I dont have much money now I want to get a amp and guitar.
umm, this is an indirect question, what kind of behringer, check musiciansfriend.com and people will tell whether its good or not for the value
out of all the beginner packs ive seen the behringer is one of the best. its a decent amp.
Go get your shovel.
Hell NO!!!!!!!! Get yourself a mexican fender and a small pignose or kustom 10 watt amp. Your lookin at less than 500 out the door!