Poll: Whats your favorite guitar brand?
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10 24%
14 33%
9 21%
6 14%
2 5%
14 33%
13 31%
B.C. Rich
1 2%
6 14%
3 7%
Voters: 42.
ibanez, gibson, fender, jackson, i like a lot of different stuff so its hard to choose.
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i like certain guitars from each brand not all their guitars. i like fender strats, gibson sg's, jackson king v's, ad stuff so yea.
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I voted ESP because i have two, but then it would have to go Ibanez > Gibson.

B.C. Rich in last place but followed by fender. (mainly because the strat is the most boring looking guitar ever.)
Fenders, Gibsons higher end stuff, and most esp's are good. Other brands not on that list however, guiterez(sp?) and maybe PRS and phiga.
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Fender, gibson & gretsch
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I'm an ESP man. They make the guitars I like to play, the guitars I like to hear, and the guitars I like to look at.

I like Ibanez too, but nto as much.