I just changed strings on my guitar (don't worry I've done it a few times before) and the action on the low E string seems way too high. I bought strings with different gauges, mostly because they were cheap and the guy at the local music store said they were quality, but this seems off. (note the low E gauge was only .02mm higher than the last set)
you need to take it to a shop and get your truss rod adjusted

don't try it yourself, unless you want to risk breaking your neck.
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changing the gauge of the strings even a little bit can often affect your action. the higher the gauge of the strings, the more tension they put on your neck when your guitar is in tune. whether or not you want to go and get your guitar set up depends on whether or not you plan on using this same gauge of strings from now on. if you're going to switch back to the lighter gauge then i would just rough it until you change the strings again.