I have been thinking on getting one for a while, i quite like the feel of them and everything, i have tried one out and it felt and sounded nice for the price. (through the amp i have at home) But if they are as bad as people say they are, i dont know if i should get one.

Be truthful now.
Well, if it felt and sounded nice, isn't that all that matters? Sure a $200 guitar that feels and sounds that way may not be so in a year, but the more expensive a guitar is, the longer it should last, so hell, if you like it, buy it.
It always depends on how much money you can spend. You could buy it, but you'll have to upgrade very soon after.
yeh and the trems are pretty shoddy also. so you its really how much you have to spare if your going to mod the guitar
I'm going to mod it eventually, and i was thinking about getting a hardtail model anyway.
ah yeh. then i would go for it since most of the electricals can be swapped also since its a hardtail you dont need to worry that much about it.
It's better to buy an X series. MUCH better build quality, so upgrading the parts is actually worth it. Wheras upgrading a JS wouldn't have much benefit.