I have 2 choice, either upgrade my curretn guitar or get a new one.

The new one i"m after is Ibanez SAS36Fm going for about $600 CAD.

The Upgrade:

Original Floyd Rose - $100
EMG 81/SA/SA (HSS) - $355
New Locking Nut - $50
New Tuners - $5
Tremel-No (Maybe) - $75
$580+Installation=??? (Anyone know around how much it takes to install all that?)

It's practically a whole new custom guitar

So which one is better?

Current amp is Vox Valvetronix AD50VT
A cheap chinese guitar, it's alder body with maple flame top. Neck is okay (maybe replace that too - buy a cheap ibanez neck off eBay) It's RG Style.
New guitar.
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new dude. if you're sticking with it then spend the extra

look at s470 ibanez.

if you upgrade the pups (which you don't even have to do) then it plays and sounds like a champ.
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new guitar. Since you're still a blossoming guitarist, i suggest you get a strat. Preferably one in a hot lead read, torino lead style....mmmm sexy!
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^I already have a strat, and the S470 is not as comfortable as the SAS36FM. The neck is not as wide.

EDIT: I change tunings alot too, so I use my strat alot too
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