I've been playing on and off for 4 years now (more like not playing for 4years, but occasionally learning a song or two), which averages out to probably a few months of playing.

I currently have:

Peavey Raptor Plus Guitar
Peavey Rage 158 Amp
Black Coffee Danelectro Distortion Pedal

I recently got heavily into guitar again, and went ahead and bought "Troy Stetina's" book for metal and speed playing.

It was then that I realized that my sound utterly sucked. I can play his songs and examples perfectly, tone, pitch, the works without any distortion, but the moment I turn on that pedal everything goes to hell.

So my question is: is there something wrong with my setup, or is distortion supposed to be 10 times harder to play than normal ampage?

I need to know if I'm supposed to practice with no distortion, so I can get my guitar skills down and then move on to more complex things, or if I should concenrate working on making the distortion sound good.

do you see what I mean thougH? I don't want to work on making distortion sound good if it turns out to be something set-up like, which makes it so I practiced for nothing. I want to get better.

Please help me out here. Any insight would help.


To give some insight, I'm heavily into metallica, pantera, and anything else heavy, fast, and aggressive.

Well, using distortion has nothing to do with your playing ability, it just sounds better in situations. But, on to your question being whether or not to concentrate on it: If you can play a passage or song perfectly while on clean (non-distorted), that is what you should be going for. "Some" people use distortion to mask your bad playing. It can either mask or emphasize your playing. The danelectro, though I've never used that specific pedal, isn't the greatest distortion pedal ever, and will probably make it seem as though your playing is bad. My advice is to get something even as cheap as a boss ds-1 distortion pedal if you want decent distortion.

But the main point you should take in is: if your playing is good without distortion, then that is what you should ultimately be going for.
yes^ danelectro pedals are crap
"what are good intermediate classic rock covers?"
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alice in chains, stone temple pilots, led zeppelin, play rock and roll by zeppelin, thatll work well, maybe hendrix
and maybe war by meshuggah

You guys rock, thank you

What would you think of a: Boss MT-2 metal zone,

or a: Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde Ultimate Overdrive

They are more higher priced, but is the more money worth the gain?

And going back to masking up mistakes with distortion, I can't believe that's true. Damn, after what I've been going through that seems impossible. I guess my pedal is crap then.

Thank guys ,

or even the "Death metal pedal"

which is the one that says something about breaking the knob off at 11 gain.

I'm into stuff like metallica, pantera, children of bodom, etc., and I want something close to that.
the J&H ultimate overdrive pwns the other two.
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I use the Boss Metal Zone pedal and it's by far the best pedal I've ever used, I decided to buy it after using a Boss DS-1 for 6 months, and never looked back.

You can tweak the settings to get it exactly where you want it. Drop the 79$ on the Metal Zone pedal and you should get the sound your looking for.
im in the same situation as gardon. i can play songs but as soon as the pedal goes on, it kills the sound. i was looking at some digitech pedals, you shuld check out their site, they have a bunch of different pedals, and u can actual hear some samples of the pedal in action. its pretty neat, i was looking at 2: Death Metal Pedal, and Metal Master. if any1 out there has either of these.. which is better suited towards metallica??

gardon check these links out:


look in the bottom right corner, ull see a demo button, click and it'll bring up a lil preview thingy, u can f*ck around with it, see if you like any of its settings. idunno if it helps or not, but i was just checking this site out,a dn i foudn these really useful.
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Digitech pedals suck except for the Whammy pedal dont even bother with that crap look into maxon distortion pedals like the DS-9 its awesome
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looooool, i want a Metal Master, buts theres no fcukin dealers in ONTARIO!!!!!!
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DS-9 and the J&H own the Metal master look for them trust me
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^what the hell are you talking about lol
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oh my friends web comic i got ya now lol. He doesnt like outside advice but ill throw your idea his way. But if he does make it. it will take weeks to get up because he has like 10 more drawn out allready
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looooool, i used to draw comics, but my stuff was.. pretty terrible, tell him to keep up the good work
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back to the distortion.

i used to own an mt-2 untill it exploded and with the right amp and guitar it sounded pretty fair. not much bottom end, pretty harsh and thin sounding but decent. the ds-1 was about the same (i had one for a couple months).

as far as other "metal" pedals i've played
i dispised the digitech metal master after 10 seconds.
same story with the deathmetal one.
the line 6 uber metal was decent. the built in noise gate was a nice feature, sounded good for metallica i though. no real mids to it, but it was decent.

from what i hear a keeley modded mt-2 is supposed to pwn. ( www.rkfx.com )
and the J&H ultimate overdrive is supposed to be amazing as well.
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this sucks. I appreciate everyone trying to help me, but some people are saying certain pedals rock, while others say they suck. What am I supposed to do? Just pick one?

And what's a humbucker? Is it necessary?

I own a peavey guitar (for those who haven't read the top post), and I feel as though before I go upgrading it I should just go buy another one.

I like zoom pedals, and the 505/606 are very versatile and cheap... the 505 is only multieffect/distortion while the 606 also has wah wah.

There are two kinds of pickups, single coils (commonly found on stratocasters) and humbuckers (commonly found on ibanez and the like). Single coils are meant to give a smoother sound while humbuckers are better for using high gain distortion, because they dont pickup humming sounds.

They aren't completely neccesary but they are useful for metal and hard rock....


Single Coil
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They are only useful for tube amps
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haha, ok next question... what humbucker should I buy? I'm looking oline, and will buy one with my pedal (I'm going to use my sister's amp)
You know that humbuckers must be installed and wired right?
Look around on DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan for a couple that fit your style
I was thinking of installing it myself. Take a look at a Peavey Raptor Plus online. Do you think I could do it?