Hm...the music sounds a lot different from the original. The first thing I noticed was the different drum beat

Still, good cover. The guitar has a nice crunchy tone, and the bass for some reason makes me laugh (in a good way).

Too bad no vocals. The vocals for this song are CRAZY!

Bubbles erotica!

Bicycle shoestrings!

Why?!?!?! And they light up the skyyyyyyyy!
never heard the SOAD version but i liked your. ill go check out theirs later. good cover, nice recording by the way. sounded pro
....../ `---____________|] ~~~bang!
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"
"the bass for some reason makes me laugh (in a good way)."

that was actually my aim, because i wanted to make something weird sounding for the contest, so people we'll remember it. and it worked!

thanks for the crit guys, oh and 94 hours, mine is nothing compared to the original, go listen to it now, you'll be blown away.
your distortion sounds absolutely amazing
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Quote by Daron_Malakian_
your distortion sounds absolutely amazing

Based on the assumption this guy likes Daron Malakian, that's nothing to be proud of.
Distor doesn't sound like Daron, but what'd you use to get that tone? Sounds like something that's good for songs like....devil in a midnight mass.
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