I am so happy! My dad's girlfirend's cousin, bob ricci, gave me an old 1990s tube amp. Its a bravo 112, it plays great, but I have a few questions.

1. How do you know when to replace tubes? I have no clue if he has ever changed them. But it sounds good so far.

2. When I was putting it down, I heard a rattling sound inside. Would this be the spring reverb?

3. It has no standby, and has some kind of preamp inside. It can get pretty high distortion for a tube amp. Does this mean its not all tube?

4. I have a Boss DS-1, which I used on my fender fm dsp because it was hard to get the distotion I wanted. But now I probly wont use it, since the amp's distortion is so good. So should I sell it, keep it, or use it with my amp to get different tones?

5. Finally, what is a good tube/speaker combo for my style (classic rock, hard rock etc.)

Thanks a lot, and please no flaming. I dont see a reason for someone to do that, but you know how things are here on UG.
go to the peavey website in the support section, then, search manual type bravo. You'll get your amp manual! plus, its all tube, looks like the old version of the peavey XXX
1. When the amp starts going south, you'll be able to tell. Gain will go down, volume will go down, tone will start to break up. That is when a tube swap is in need!

As the amp seems to be pretty old, I would go ahead and swap the tubes right away, unless if they seem to have been changed before.

2. Yes, that is the reverb tank!

3. Not necissarily.....look at Mesa...high gain beasts, yet all tube. Look into the amp, on the back, and if you can see tubes (the larger ones, the power tubes), it is an all tube amp.

4. I would get rid of the DS-1....you could try using it as a boost over the amp....set the gain down, level up, and tone to taste...it could work as a good solo boost, but that is up to your tonal preferences. IMO, Boss pedals are too bad tone stealers to keep in the loop.

5. I really don't understand this one....do you mean a cabinet? What have you been playing it through so far? I'd look into avatar, with the speakers of your choice!
thanks a lot ibanez, and julvegetal, I already have the manual. Ibanez, I know its tube, but there not there, because its inside a little compartment in the amp. I noticed some screws missing, so I am thinking he may have replaced them. I really love this amp, are most other tube amps fan cooled? I meant what kind of speakers I should get, and if I replace the tubes, what kind to get.

most tube amps should have the tubes exposed. But i see this amp apparently has a fan. Most others are not fan cooled.
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wait, ibanez, you said that boss pedals suck tone, yet you have one? are you talking about pre-modding or.....

congrats on the tube amp, peavey's are nice amps
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I use a couple BOSS pedals and they really aren't THAT bad. Maybe it would be an issue if you put several of them in a row.
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Speaker wise, V30s have always been my speakers of choice.

For tubes, there are really too many options. If you're new to them, and really don't know much, then shoot Bob at eurotubes.com an e-mail. Tell him what amp you have and what tone you are trying to acheive, and he will help you find a tube for you. He does limit it to JJ's though. IMO, eurotubes is not the endall, but for someone who wants quality tubes without searching the vast sea of options, it is a great way out!

I have a modded Boss pedal...the bypass, though not perfect, is much better than usual.
www.tubestore.com is another place to look. They sell JJs and others, and give reviews (sometimes from a couple sources) on all sorts of power and preamp tubes. Decent prices, too.
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