I'm buying two marshall cabinets soon and I was wondering what the process of connecting cabinets to a head is. Does it matter how much wattage the head is? The cabinets add up to 400W, does this affect what kind of head i need to get?
well you want to make sure the ohms match or blown speaker city, but basically you need to speaker cables, i think marshalls are 16ohm amps, u take one cable from the amp to your top cab and then the other from your top cab to your bottom cab, if you tell me what amp and cabs you have i could be more descreptive
I have the exact same question.

Alright well im thinking about buying a Marshall MG100HDFX/MG412 Slant Cab Half Stack Package. What kind of speaker cable should i buy along with it?
it will come with a speaker cable, so just connect the cab to the head, ill warn you tho that amp isnt the best, i used to sell them and i could not get a good tone out of it, and im known for getting good tones from SS amps
ah alright well thanks, awesome

but yeah im kinda low on cash at the moment, im looking for something under 600. Any suggestions?
hmmmm, id look at a tube combo such as Peavy XXX or 5150/6505, maybe an old marshall JCM 900 combo tubes sound way sweeter
haha i have a marshall MG amp and it sucks, im getting a Randall RX120DHS, its a half stack at 120W
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