I want to put a new humbucker in the bridge of my hardtail MIM fat strat but i have no idea where to even start looking. it has a rosewood fretboard, i play it through a vox ad50vt right now but i plan on upgrading that to a high gain tube amp of some sort eventually. I play mostly harder rock or punkish type stuff. I want something that has a clean tight distorted sound that isnt really mushy i guess i would say. something with a good "growl" to it. doesnt really have to have the greatest cleans but i dont want it to be unusable for cleans. anyone have any recommendations? also do i have to watch out for what size they are? buying a whole new pickguard setup isnt out of the question either.
Go to seymourduncan.com and check out the product line. Gives names of pickup models and descriptions of their tones.
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