A Tribute to my Past

Verse 1:
You all laugh at the way I live
So safely brought up to forgive
You think the world will crush my breath
Make me gasp and curse the rest
But I know for sure that I'm not blind
To see the way you all survive
With tattered homes and broken lives
Drunken fathers who beat their wives

So remember the sun and the way she shined
The laughs we shared and the food we dined
The ways we counted all to ten
And stopped to tell that joke again
Felt mothers fathers sisters brothers
Cousins aunts and all the others
Feel the arms around you hold
Fore fantasies and dreams run cold

Verse 2:
I know the world out there ain't nice
But my quaint existence will suffice
With loving memories and cherished times
Of Mother Goose's nursery rhymes
Of hide-and-seek or trick-or-treat
Where who had won and who was beat
Barely made a simple change
In a world I'd never rearrange


Verse 3:
Though up ahead paved roads look few
I stray not far from the one I knew
Remembering what I learned to say
along that Simple Simon way
Though you may take me for a fool
I know that love will be the rule
And pass its blessing on to those
Whose rosy path is that they chose

I Liked it.
it reminded me of my family life when nothing is going wrong.
very happy and flowed very well.
Good Job