ok if your in a band and you come up with a really kickas$ riff or something like that
but the band breaks up

and you start a better band
do you think its ok that you reuse that riff in you new band?
yah, i wouldnt have a problem, as long as the previous band never really got their feet off the ground and you were the one that came up with it.

i'd still get an all-clear with former bandmates though.
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I'd say it would be ok as long as your old band mates arn't in another band. Because if so, they might want to use that riff in one of their songs too. Just ask them for permission, and if they say no, tell them you'll buy them a new set of guitar strings. Thats what my old bandmates did with one of my songs.
Id say as long as it was u who actually wrote the riff its fine. IF it was another band member that wrote it for the band then u take it for ur new one its wrong
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As long as you never recorded it as Old Band, and you did write it as you implied, I don't see why not.


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because i just came up with something i really like
but i havent ever been in a band
but im going to be (i think)
so since this is going to be my first band i thought it might be interesting to see what the first version will be like and how it evolves through the years