Can someone post some jazz scales, cause when I try to solo over a jazz piece, I have no idea what I'm doing, and it ends up sounding like the blues.

You'll receive more response there. This subforum is more about discussion the music rather than the theory. MT is great for the latter, though...
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Try learning the modes? There's a lesson here somewhere..
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There is no such thing as a jazz scale, any scale can sound jazzy when used in the right context, plenty of jazz is made up of pentatonic playing. You need to pick the right scale for the chord you are playing over and make sure you follow the movements of the underlying progressions. There are several good lessons and threads in the archive forum, two i know (because i started/wrote them) are the further modes thread in the archive, dealing with modes of the harmonic and melodic minor scales and their applications (a tour de force by Cas) and my lesson on Diminished chords and scales in the lessons section under The Basics.