Hey everyone. I'm pretty new to pedals so I have a few questions. Okay, I've got a few leads that cant be heard. So I'm thinking about getting a pedal that can boost me up a little that or a triple channel amp (for clean, distortion, and lead) so problem solved right? Not really. What do I do if I need to switch to lead and use an effect at the same time, say with a chorus pedal? Is there any tricks to get them at the same time or is there something that helps me mix two or more effects into one and saving them into one pedal?

One more thing, lets say I just got a twin channel amp. One channel for clean and one for lead, and a distortion pedal played through the clean channel. If I was going through the distortion pedal then switched to the lead, would the sound come out differently if the distortion pedal is still active?
keep the effect pedal on, and hopefully you have an effect button on ur amp pedal. push that while pushing the channel select (if they are close enough) otherwise im not sure.

the sound would be different, but im not sure how different.
If you keep the pedal on and switch to the lead channel, it'll sound overloaded and messed up. Don't do it.

I'd do it the other way 'round: use the amp's channel for rhythm, then kick in the pedal (and clean channel) for lead. You can also use the pedal to give a boost. Depends on what pedal you have, really.