i just came across that is it a good buy??

or can i get somthing better somewhere else?
Cmstar90: i have too lisen to a song for hours just to figure out of one part it sound and how to move my fingers tso that it sounds that way
Cmstar90: when u seem to figure it out in seconds
I hear that Agile's are very reliable. I'd rather play one myself before purchasing, but with such a reputation and pricetag, I'd go for it. It looks good.
great guitar
if there's one thing that bothers me, its the shape of the cutaway, but thats just being the shallow guy that i am
i hear the guy who sells them is great about returns-maybe you can order one just to try for about 30 days
Looks nice, but I wouldn't trust that floyd rose....they're great, but only if you get a good one, and I doubt you'll get a proper floyd for that price.

In fact that whole guitar costs about as much as a Schaller-made Floyd Rose.

Apart from that, it's fine. Good luck getting it!