When learning to play a song, how do you know what strumming pattern to use? Especially when you get the tabs that just have chord names over lyrics, how do you know the rhythm to play and whether to strum up, down, use all the strings etc? I am doing fine with playing the proper chords and transitions and all that but can't get rhythm and strumming down. I dont know where to begin learning it. very frustrating.
the most simple and useful way to do it (in my opinion) use your ears.
tabs arent perfect and dont usually come with rhythm. listen to the song and try to play along.
practice makes perfect.
dunno dewd.......ears.....i dont think they work fer me.....there is lotsa stuff happenin in the song.....the drums the bass playin...
i too am not able ta figure out
Well it depends what your talking about. If there is not actual acoustic playing then you might want to strum the chord and just pick random notes in the chord and the when the next chord comes repeat the process.

If that is NOT that case, and if there IS actual strumming. I suggest you downstroke when you hear a downstroke and upstroke where you hear an upstroke. So just downstroke once for every donstroke you heard and upstroke for every upstroke you could make out. You may not have the complete strumming pattern then, but you might be able to narrow it down in way so that you can figure out more easily how the pattern will go. Hope you understand
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