OK, now the name of the song... "Omen" just popped into my head... probably since I listened to Necrolust's new song "Omen" So i guess it's a working title.

Now for the song... I think I've got the mix fairly decent, Solo's are a bit louder. The main thing I'm looking for in crits are about the solo's, since I'd like those to be fairly decent. The solo at around 4mins is improv. Once I run this song past the other guys, our other guitarist will replace or add a couple solo's around the song.

Drum track is all digital, near the end there's an odd-time section which is reserved for a drum solo styled like Tool's 46 & 2, I left a metronome in that section.

"Nightfall Omen" - http://juzcook.dmusic.com/

BTW: for those of you have heard all my originals, what band's do they remind you of? Someone told me they sound very Metallica-esque, others say In Flames
Good stuff, easy to get into n such, the solo's weren't bad, the Wah was pretty cool, but i think you used too much. The improv solo wasn't bad either, you kept it together pretty good, need to get a little smoother with your chops though..other then that, it was ****in swell
Hey hey hey dude .
how's it going ?
I will crit as i listen .
as always the song kicks ass . the riffs are catchy headbang(y) < noun for headbang.
Ilked the part at 1:32 , very annihilator style , you know , with the clean , the wah solo was great , the fade ins after the first solo were amazing.. anyway I cant crit cause the song is ready to be given to a record company and be put in a cd.

main solo :
Kicks ass.
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need to get a little smoother with your chops though..other then that, it was ****in swell

thanks, yep, i find i can play lead stuff not too bad, but writing it for my own songs is the problem, sometimes i get the occasional solo that worked well, but jsut these last few weeks ive been a little dry in my lead improvising

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I cant crit cause the song is ready to be given to a record company and be put in a cd.

thanks, you always give me some supportive comments like that, which helps alot! this year im putting a lot of effort into getting a high enough standard to set my band above the others trying to get places, however the metal scene in australia is lacking in terms of support
this is sick man! the drums and the chunky riffs go perfectly together. first wah solo sounds good to me, maybe a bit too twangy for my taste, not very metal sounding, but it fit the song well. 2nd solo sounds better tone-wise. i like the quick runs too. ooooo the riff at about 3:30 is awesome! 3rd solo sounds good too. a bit too loud, but whatever. harmonized stuff later on sounds really good also. it does sound kind of metallica-esque, but you've got ur own style. its got some slayer-ish stuff in there also, so whoever says you sound like (insert current metal band here) are right because every band copies slayer. over all goos stuff man, i like it alot.

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you resemble a mainstream metal band, FYI.

i personally have no problems with being resembled as mainstream, because as long as the song writing quality doesn't drop as the time goes by, there shouldnt be any problems with it. quite a few mainstream metal bands are much better than the non-mainstream bands imo. killswitch engage is a good example of a band that was thrown into the mainstream, yet keep writing great riffs, even the new song they recently put out is great