It's currently around 1:30 AM and I got super bored so I decided to do a cover song.

Myspace - Acoustic Confessions

Current song is stated in the name of the thread, "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie.
I tried to focus a little more on vocals rather than my guitar playing, so please excuse me for the lack of acoustic tone.

Please listen to it, and give me feedback, whether it's on how great it is, or how horrible it is. I'd like to know what needs to be improved.

Also, if you'd like, add me and give my link to your pals.
Daffodils for Delilah.
Acoustic EP.
The guitar sounds spot on to me, aside from the tone quality which you already mentioned. Vocals sound solid - perhaps a little forced at time, nothing major though because I really enjoyed this. A total side note, "Acoustic Confessions" is a great name for a band, I'm digging it. Good job, Id give it 8/10.
its not bad but the vocals still need some work and watch your timing because it was off most of the time.
not bad, just need to work on vocals. You sang very montonously. Like your timing was very flat.
Thanks for your replies, very appreciated.

I will take note of the vocals next time I improve the cover, along with the lack of acoustic tone.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out. (:
Daffodils for Delilah.
Acoustic EP.
vocals aren't bad but the timing on the guitar does sound off, you play some parts faster than others, its especially apparent in the intro before the vocals hit. the vocals do kind of hide it. And i agree that your voice does sound a little forced, maybe just relax and let it flow a bit more. solid cover.
Your vocals need to flow. It sounds like you just learned english. I appologize if you have. But it's like "Love of mine......... some day you will die". I always thought that the lead singer of death cab sounds like Paul Simon in this song, you captured that well. Good job. 7/10.
Again, it was like late at night when the whole family was sleeping. (:

Tygo, I agree, now that I played it over, I can see how I increased / decreased speed in several areas. Thanks.

Rock_Star77, no, I didn't just learn English, but does it really sound like I did? 7/10 is respectable. Thanks to you as well.
Daffodils for Delilah.
Acoustic EP.
I like it...the guitar is a bit down in the mix but I really like your voice
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