hello all, i just started guitar a few months ago, i got a peavey raptor plus and im looking to get a few pedals so i can play different styles of music. i mostly try to play killswitch engage and metallica. does anyone know wut brand of pedals are best for these kinds of bands? if anyone could give me and idea as to what type of pedal i shuld purchase id really appreciate it.


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my distortion pedal is digitech metal master, and my wah medal is a rogue. the distortion pedal kicks ass but the wah pedal kinda sucks
try and find the rig of those bands and see what they use
i think they're both on www.guitargeek.com
just search for the band and it will give you the guitarrists in the band and you can see their equipment for on stage. its a bit out of date now i think.
i think metallica just go straight to the mesa boogie amps or something, at least for rhythm.
they use some line 6 stuff too i think, the delay pedals not pod or anything.
If you want to play many different styles (not just varying degrees of Metal) then consider investing in a muliti-fx. There are plenty of low cost, decent beginner multi-fx units (many of them not costing much more than a single Boss stompbox), and they'll encourage you to play more and develop your own sound.

EDIT: ZOOM and Digitech products are well reputed, I'd recommend trying out a couple of their models at your local guitar store.
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thanks alot guys, i searched www.guitarfreek.com and there wasnt any metallica or killswitch! my internets prbly just ****in up.

im currently tryin to learn master of puppets by mettalica, but i cant my distortion to that low metal sound. I have a pedal, a Behringer ultra distortion UD100, but its got too much of a high pitch for the music i try to play. I am just playin incorrectly or is this pedal not suited for this type of music?

I just checked out the metal master from digitech.... i think thats the pedal for me lol, thanks for ur reply
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