i was listening to Pallar Anders Visa, i think its called, and got inspired to try some finger pickin', so this is my first attempt at it, its a short piece but i really want to add more to this, and i think it gets a little boring, imo, but any comments are welcome, and thanks for posting!
Acoustic Wonders.zip
you should really work on it more, it just sounds like you wanted to make an acoustic song
there are a few cool parts though so try some more stuff and it will turn out to be really cool
makes me want to go midevil on someones ass lol.....i just dont like it, but i like ur other stuff and i know u can make it great...I believe in you young grasshopper i believe.
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Well it isnt hard to bend a string that has the tension of a piece of well cooked spaghetti, especially when you have hands like goalkeeper gloves

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