I started reading through all of the forums an im starting to get worried about chords
people said they stopped learning chords for a while and said they went back because you need them

what is exactly meant by this i mean i stopped learning the basic chords (a-g major and minor) and started learning tabs.

Now i am quite good at tabs and am learning some more complicated stuff but i want to know would it be neccessary or at least a good idea to start learning chords again?
see im the opposite im great at free style jam with chords. but um i could use more songs in my hands.
so what your saying that like me you dont know much theory as such but you sorta just make up your own chords as you jam... thats good to hear

btw sashki ive seen your posts around your so tru about hip hop
um no i know chords. and im good at chord progression as well as using the circle of fifths to determine wat to play next. barre chords are my friend. but im also good at first position.
so what your saying is that it WOULD be a good idea to start learning a bit more theory on my chords so i no what im doing
hahahaha you sounded a bit sarcastic their or maybe not you cant really tell when its typed