This is a question on technique.

I can sweep but I need clarification on this.

When sweeping my right hand moves in a strumming motion (as seen on steal this video lesson), however when I slow down my right hand still moves in the strumming motion so I am not picking individual strings, however, when I look at my hand, it seems that when sweeping down, my hand bounces off the string in the downward motion, and bounces off aswell in the upward motion.

Is this normal or is my technique very sloppy. (Note I do not anchor).

Any advice welcome. Thanks.
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i'm not really sure i know what you mean but all i can say is i dont think ure technique is sloppy but i think you need to slow it down and try to find out for yourself what is wrong(analyzle carefully and be as critical as possible) make sure your hands are relaxed as possible and make sure you are not digging into the strings with your pick maybe thats whats wrong, just glide over them
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Its completely normal. You will know when you are picking the notes and when you are not. When you sweep slow like that, if feels like ur doing it wrong, but the fact that you are doing it so slow means that inbetween each string, ur pick has to have some where to go and since its a sweep, its natural for your pick to already reach the next string before you play it.
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